Technology - Advantages


1. Heat absorptions from the infrared rays of solar radiation instead of the visible light rays, so during winter and cloudy days, the system absorbs infrared rays as usual.

2. Heat absorbing surface is always perpendicular to sunlight because of spherical collectors 3. Heating continues till late evening

solar water heating system

3. Heating continues till late evening

4. It gives 10°C higher temperature of hot water in winter & Cloudy days.

5. The vacuum inside the collector tubes vastly reduces overnight heat loss

6. Salt or scale formation when using hard water will be reduced

7. Scale deposits slide off the smooth glass walls to accumulate at the bottom from where they can be easily removed.

8. Installation of the system is very easy

9. Area required for installation will be very less

10. Incase of damage to the collector tubes, individual tube can be replaced.